WOW MSNBC Host Picks Up WaPo Lie And Just Ran With It: Trump Is A ‘Traitor To America’

It’s like these clowns never learn to just stick with the facts. You would think after the humiliating Steele Dossier mania, they would proceed with caution but I guess that wouldn’t get them the views. Tiffany Cross blatantly repeated a fabricated story by the Washington Post.

WaPo wrote a fantasy piece about how the Raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home was to retrieve stolen nuclear plans. She took the lie a step farther by claiming that Trump had intentions of selling the plans to a foreign country.

She then accused Trump of being a traitor, “He is actually a traitor to America. What might the punishment, if it is confirmed that he was trafficking our information around nuclear weapons, which is a huge deal, what might the punishment for something like that be? How would the DOJ go about prosecuting something like that?”

The FBI’s warrant was declassified Friday and didn’t offer any clarification. The warrant gave agents the authority to seize “all physical documents and records constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of crime, or other items illegally possessed” in violation of U.S. Code, including documents with classification markings and presidential records created between Jan. 20, 2017 and Jan. 20, 2021. ” Which basically sounds like a fishing expedition.

The FBI has not announced its intentions or findings but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mills from trying to cook up the next big lie. Likewise, the Department of Justice has done absolutely nothing to stop the disinformation madness.



TIFFANY CROSS: Honestly, when you come to the legal aspect of all of this, I think a lot of people, Roland, want to show the difference in this country. The difference in the justice system that many people navigate. I think a lot of people do want to see you know, Donald Trump, you know, handcuffed like an episode of COPS —


CROSS: — and walking out.

MARTIN: Perp walk.

CROSS: — we want to see a perp walk, Donald Trump, and we might see that.

MARTIN: It may happen in Georgia with [Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis.
. . .

CROSS: So as we mentioned, the Washington Post may have had the scariest headline about the Mar-a-Lago search this week, and that’s that the paper reported the FBI was looking for missing documents related to nuclear weapons. Now, that’s according to people familiar with the investigation. Again, NBC News has not confirmed that. And of course,, Donald Trump has denied it.

But if it were true, it leads to a whole set of new questions. So I have some right now for our guests. Joining me is Andy Weber. He’s a senior fellow at the Council on Strategic Risk. He’s also a formere assistant secretary for nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs. And, the great Glenn Kirschner is still staying with us as.

Andy, I do want to get started with you, because material about nuclear weapons is especially sensitive, and usually restricted to a small number of government officials. How exactly is it possible that they were even allowed to be handled so recklessly? And what could Trump have been doing with these documents? Like, who stands to gain? What, what, what would he be doing, taking these documents out of the White House?

ANDY WEBER: It’s incredible. And these are our nation’s most precious secrets. And the fact that he took them to his private residence, out of the White House, out of control, in an unsecured environment, protected apparently by padlock—it’s just extraordinary.

I was the classifying authority for Department of Defense nuclear weapons information. And the release of this information, this top secret, compartmented information, by definition would cause exceptionally grave harm to national security.

CROSS: Indeed it would. And I’m just curious from you, Andy: who on the world stage would have the most to gain from this information? I mean you think about Donald Trump’s relationships with the Saudis, his relationships with the Russians, and the fact that he really appears to have no allegiance to America. He has allegiance to his sycophants, but certainly not to this democracy.

If someone were to ask you, who stands the most to gain from this information? Give me a guess of who who that might be?

WEBER: Well, we don’t know what information was in these documents. But my best guess would be, President Putin would stand the most to gain, to having access to our most classified nuclear weapons information.

CROSS: Which is a frightening thought, Glenn. So given that. That this could really be a situation where you’re a traitor! He is actually a traitor to America. What might the punishment, if it is confirmed that he was trafficking our information around nuclear weapons, which is a huge deal, what might the punishment for something like that be? How would the DoJ go about prosecuting something like that?

GLENN KIRSCHNER: Well, the punishment, under the statute that is cited in the search warrant materials, it’s a ten-year federal felony. A violation of 793, which is gathering, transmitting, or losing national security or national defense information.

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