Watch: Crook Gets Owned After No One Takes Him Seriously


Retailers have a tough job. They have to deal with the complaints of customers who are not always in the best of moods, endless questions, and rushes of customers. They have to do this all while maintaining a smile and positive attitude. It is not a job for everyone. And if that were not enough they also have to deal with criminals. They deal with shoplifting for the most part, but in some rare cases, a criminal will try for more and hold up their registers.

Unlike a typical stick up this robbery was a case of make believe. The robber tried to rob the store with nothing more than his hand in his hoodie. As you can see in the video below the black male in red was trying to keep out of the view of the cameras as he attempted to rob the place.

But unfortunately for the robber, he was one-upped as the security guard on duty was better at pretending to have a weapon. The robber was quickly apprehended by the more convincing security guard.

I just wish there was audio. I wonder what the guard said as he walked up demanding the robber surrender. Did he threaten him? Or did the robber give up immediately thinking they called my bluff.

Watch The Clip Below

That took gall to rob a store without a weapon and even more to defend the store with nothing more than a bluff. Luckily for everyone, the security guard was the better actor so the good guys won this round and no one was hurt.

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