Mom Turns In Her 14-Year-Old Son, What She Caught Him Doing Will Make You Sick


Most teens go through a stage where they might get awkward or even rebellious. In this case, you have to wonder just how bad were these parents? What happened to this teen that would make him attack a child?

The incident was in Baltimore, Maryland, between a 14-year-old boy Soloman Pule and his cousin, an 8-year-old girl. Soloman’s mother was taking care of her niece and had only left the two downstairs unattended for a short time as she was putting her 2-year-old down for a nap.

After tending to the baby she noticed that the house was unusually quiet. So she went back downstairs to check on them. To the mother’s surprise, her son had engaged in a wicked act on the loveseat. She saw Soloman with his pants down around his ankles on top of her niece. Her niece had her skirt pushed up and a pair of scissors laid beside them. Soloman was raping the little girl. The mother quickly broke it up and called the police.

The victim says Pule threatened her with the scissors to keep her quiet.

“Soloman told me if I scream to tell you he was going to cut me,” the statement of probable cause reads. “He shoved his thing in me.”

“Young offenders happen with some degree of frequency said Adam Rosenburg, Executive Director of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center. “In 2013 alone, we saw 155 cases where the offender was age nine to fourteen.”

Rosenburg feels that questions need to be asked as to what caused a young teen to attack his niece.

“Has he been a victim of sexual abuse? Has he been a witness to Domestic Violence?  And unfortunately, we know in our work that children who have been witnesses to these cases or who have been victims themselves can become perpetrators if they are not given the right treatment.”

Rosenburg then talked about needed measures to handle this situation.

“No one’s really ready to put children in therapy and yet that’s one of the best things we can do to really prevent bad future outcomes from happening.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Soloman Pule is going to be tried as an adult. He is going to be charged with rape in the first and second degrees.

They say that children are a product of their environment, well, in this case, they need to burn it down. This is just plain messed up.

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