Arizona Recaptures 23 Illegals Who Have Committed Homicide

And this is why it is so important to solve the border crisis. Arizona in the last year has reported that of the thousands of illegals they have caught this year 23 of them have had previously committed homicide on U.S. soil and had re-entered our country after being deported.

Since February, President Joe Biden’s first full month in office, 23 aliens who had previously been convicted of homicide in the United States were charged in Arizona with illegally reentering this country.

We know this because the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Arizona regularly publishes these numbers. It puts out a monthly report on “immigration and border crimes” in its district, which encompasses all of Arizona.”

“Among those who the U.S. Attorney’s Office charged from February through October with illegally reentering this country were 400 aliens who had previously been convicted here of what the U.S. attorney characterized as a “violent crime.”

There were also aliens who had previously been convicted of crimes that are not characterized as violent, but that could clearly pose a danger to the public. Those included 320 who had previously been convicted of driving under the influence and 846 who had previous “drug crime convictions.”

In October, fortunately, the U.S. Attorney’s Office did not charge anyone who had previously been convicted of homicide with illegal reentry to the United States.

But the data published by the Arizona U.S. attorney over the past nine months makes an obvious point: America has created a revolving door. A foreign national can come here, kill someone, be arrested, convicted, and put in prison, then be released and deported. Then they can reenter the country illegally.”

You see and that’s just 23 that we know of. There is no telling how many illegals are crossing unseen that have criminal records. Biden is putting more and more Americans at risk every day with his refusal to properly guard our border, and the scary thing is that this is only the first year of his presidency.

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