Biden Has Made Us So Weak That Now Mexico Is Threatening Us

There is blood in the water with Biden in office, but apparently, we appear so weak that even Mexico is now making threats. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had the gall to say he was going to lash out at the GOP if they moved to stop the border crisis.

If legislators from one party block this initiative, we will call them out at a later time in a respectful manner. We will make it known from here that legislators from one party did not help something that is just and humanitarian,” said López Obrador at his daily press conference.”

“López Obrador also praised President Biden, whom he credited with a proposal to regularize the status of 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

“No president has made a deeper commitment in benefit of migrants than President Biden,” López Obrador said.

“He committed to 11 million, to regularize the situation of 11 million migrants,” he added.”

At his press conference, López Obrador said he would not repeat his threat to call out American lawmakers at that meeting.

“I’m doing it here because I can’t deal with it as openly in the United States out of respect for the sovereignty of that country,” he said”

This is how far we have fallen. Under Trump Mexico was ready to do whatever we need to protect our country. They helped us with the “Remain in Mexico” policy and went a step further trying to get jobs for the illegals to persuade them not to cross our border illegally.

But now things have changed. The Mexican President is saying that our accepting all of these illegals is part of a humanitarian effort that Biden has claimed we intended to do all along, and he intends to shame the GOP if they try to correct him.

Biden just didn’t tell the rest of us that he was going to voluntarily take on 11 million illegals. Probably because he knows half the country would be pissed.

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