Parents Sue After School Starts Identifying Their Child As A Male

These teachers are overstepping their boundaries. A 12-year-old girl started having a bout of depression and an identity crisis back in late 2020. So her parents rightfully took her out of the school and took her to a mental health center to be treated. But instead of talking her through her gender dysphoria, they simply affirmed it and suggested she go through a change as fast as possible.

The parents told the child to think about it for a bit instead, and allowed her to go back to school. But told the school to refer to her as per normal as a female. The School refused, so the parents pulled their daughter out of the school and the medical center to give her time to figure herself out without the likely liberal “help.”

Surprise, surprise, the little girl realized she was fine with her gender and explained the medical center didn’t try to help her, they just jumped at the chance to affirm her new gender.

A few weeks later, she expressed to her mother that ‘affirmative care really messed me up.’ She explained that the therapists at the center did not question or help her process her feelings, but told her that, now that she knew she was really a boy, the sooner she transitioned the better because it’s easier when you’re young. They also told her she was right to be angry at her mother for not immediately allowing her to ‘be who she was.’ She now realizes this was wrong and they actually fueled anger towards her mother. She has reverted to identifying by her birth name and female pronouns and enrolled in a different school district.”

So the parents sued the school for trying to push their liberal beliefs on their child.

Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Kate Anderson told The Daily Signal Tuesday evening that the Wisconsin case reflects policies the legal organization has seen in states across the country, including Wisconsin, Virginia, and Washington state.

“Parents have the right to direct the upbringing of their children, and at the heart of it, parents just want information about what’s going on with their kids at school,” Anderson said. “And these policies are so dangerous because they’re allowing schools to encourage students to begin transitioning into a gender identity that isn’t in accord with their biological sex, and then not inform their parents, and in many cases lie to the parents affirmatively about what their student is doing at school.”

“When schools are blocking parents from basic information about their child’s health care, that prevents parents from doing what’s best for their kids and what, constitutionally, they have every right to do to direct the upbringing of their children,” she added.

All this little girl needed was someone to talk to and then she would have realized she was fine. But instead, these liberal teachers and the liberal shrink were ready to start putting her on puberty blockers and call her by a male name. They were going to fully indulge the child’s confusion without even trying to help her. We used to understand that gender dysphoria was a mental problem, but now there crazy libs are making it a social norm, embracing the madness.

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