Whistleblower Reveals MSM Is Being Trained To Push Agenda Over Facts

If this was CNN or MSNBC I’d say this was already in their playbook. But now CBS is joining the fold and is going to start pedaling straight liberal propaganda like the others. A whistleblower went to Project Veritas in hopes of stopping CBS from turning into a purely biased news-only network like CNN. CBS does have a liberal lean but it is the most moderate of the MSM.

Much of what we’re gonna talk about today is going to center around the main code of ethics of journalism. And a couple of things during this workshop and throughout your day, I challenge you to stop thinking in terms of objective journalism,” Taylor said. “We’ll discuss why that’s not really feasible anymore.”

“But [think] in terms of accuracy, fairness, and transparency-always striving for objectivity is not feasible,” she continued.

Watch The Clip Below. 

And when CBS was asked about their new stance not to be objective they doubled down.

Project Veritas reached out to CBS for comment about the uncovered footage, and CBS responded by saying that what we’re seeing with our own eyes and hearing with our own ears is simply a misunderstanding about the diversity and inclusion training and that this is exactly why this training is needed:

“These assertions by a former employee are a severe misunderstanding of what valuing inclusivity, diversity and equity in a newsroom means. This lack of understanding is exactly why we’re doing this training. A non-news employee secretly taped inclusivity training where our journalists were given tools and information and shared perspectives on how we can better serve all our audience. A journalist’s job is to present the truth and report the facts, not cater to opinions. Our inclusivity program makes our journalism stronger, particularly for communities that have not been well-served by our industry. We will continue this important work.”

So I guess they don’t see the problem of choosing not to be objective with the news…

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