Behar Shows Off Her Ignorance With This Claim About The Founding Fathers

Joy Behar and the ladies at “The View” are always running their mouths and have made it a toxic environment for anyone remotely conservative, which is why McCain left. So Behar proved once again that she only knows how to run her mouth and spread liberal swill. This time she claimed the freedom of speech and right to bear arms need to be tweaked, claiming the founding fathers would never have allowed weapons of war for the second amendment…

It was towards the end of this segment where they were talking about social media and how they felt free speech online must be regulated.

SUNNY HOSTIN: People are killing themselves over social media!

JOY BEHAR:  But a lot of it is threats also.

HOSTIN: Yeah, threats, bullying.

BEHAR: People are threatening other people with death. You want to know who they are.

HAINES: Without criminal accountability — without criminal accountability, I want them to have to identify themselves. Because stand by it. I know freedom of speech as a government, but the value is honored in this country.

HOSTIN: Mm-hmm.

SARA HAINES: That doesn’t mean — that is typically honored for a protest, for an organization. It is not for an egghead on Twitter.


Goldberg then tried to reason with her co-hosts telling them to stop reading the nonsense online.

JOY BEHAR: …When the founding fathers were busy with the amendments, the First and Second Amendments did not have AR-15s in there, weapons of war, and they didn’t have Twitter. So both amendments, I think they need to be tweaked a little bit. 

GOLDBERG: That’s a whole new conversation. That’s a whole new conversation.


BEHAR: We make our living on the First Amendment so we love it, but there’s a lot of hate speech and misinformation, needs to be dealt with. 

GOLDBERG: That’s right, but not right this second because we got to sell you something else.

Watch The Clip Below.

She is right there was not a Twitter back then, but there were newspapers and there was mudslinging between political opponents. People were still bullying each other as they do now, it just wasn’t as public. But this argument is flawed anyway since both Twitter and Facebook have been known to censor anything conservative and any sort of hate except for that which is directed at white people. But Behar is likely just looking to censor white people and conservatives moe here so really her tweaking of the first amendment would be to advocate for more suppression/bullying…

And then there is the claim about the founding fathers being against weapons of war. Muskets were weapons of war. Part of the purpose of the second amendment is to give the people the power to rise up against tyranny. The founding fathers did not want Americans to be ruled by an oppressive tyrant. So in this day and age where the govt has tanks, fighter jets, drones, and all sorts of other weapons of war, an AR-15 should practically be issued to every citizen.

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