Biden Just Called Minorities Stupid And The MSM Didn’t Even Blink

It used to be that the best man or woman for a position got the job. It pushed people to excel and improve themselves so that they would be better candidates. But Liberals didn’t like that. They felt it wasn’t fair to those that were not willing to put the work in. So now they have been pushing this foolish idea of forced diversity. It forces employers to hire people not based on their work ethic or ability but instead based on racial quotas. The Biden Administration is now doing the same thing with grants for future teachers. In order to make the teaching field more diverse, they are removing GPA requirements…

“The Biden administration announced a plan to expand tuition breaks for future teachers and remove GPA requirements for grant recipients in hopes of providing access to “students of color.”

“Biden’s plan will also remove the existing GPA requirements for recipients in the hopes of increasing access for students of color.

“The proposed plan also aims to increase the access that students from low-income backgrounds and students of color have to comprehensive teacher preparation,” a press release from the Education Department reads.

The plan includes an additional $2.8 billion investment in programs such as “year-long, paid teacher residency programs,” which the Biden administration claims will help enroll more “teacher candidates of color” and will have a greater impact on teacher retention.”

The Biden Administration is basically saying that minorities can’t get good grades… This is so counterintuitive. We should want the best teachers for the future generations of America regardless of race. But under Biden’s logic, grades don’t matter. They are more worried about meeting racial quotas as opposed to the quality of education. This kind of backward thinking is ruining our country. And people wonder why more Americans are looking to homeschool their children.

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