Teacher Tries To Stop Student From Flying “Controversial Flag”


Patriotism seems to be a tall order these days when you have athletes disrespecting the American Flag and students who are trying to undermine constitutional rights. A High School Senior decided to show his Patriotism. He attached two American flags to his truck, to show his pride for his country. That should be the end of the story, as there is nothing wrong with flying old glory, but that was not the case once he drove his truck onto school grounds.

Tance Crowder drove his truck onto Arkansas’s Vilonia High School grounds and received unexpected criticism for his proud display. A Faculty member told him he was not allowed to fly the American Flag on school grounds. She cited a school policy that states no one is allowed to fly a Controversial flag on campus.

Tance, a student who plans to enlist in the Marine Corps after graduation, like the rest of, didn’t believe that made any sense.

“I think it is my right to be able to fly the American flag on my truck in America,” Crowder stated.

The school faculty member told Crowder to put the flags in his truck.

Crowder protested this weird policy as it didn’t make any sense when it comes to flying the American Flag.

The Superintendent looked into the issue and after some public outcry decided the school was in the wrong.

The policy had been set three years prior, it was in regards to flying a confederate flag. The school had done away flying flags in general for students at least. The school has a flag flying on campus and flags in all rooms. For the students to say the Pledge of Allegiance to every morning.

The School’s revised policy now allows for all students to have the ability to fly the state and Americans flag.

As for Tance Crowder, he holds no grudges and is happy to have done his part in keeping the flag flying.

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