Biden Says The Damnedest Things When His Meds Wear Off

This is the kind of thing you just want to shove in a liberal’s face and say ‘this, this is the guy that you wanted to lead the greatest country in the world.’ Biden is at it again making comments that are bizarre and likely caused by whatever mental condition he currently has. This time he went off on a weird tangent about blood-sucking when confronted about how Dems were supporting the defund the police movement.

“Are there people, who, in the Democratic party want to defund the police?” A member of the Press asks.

Biden gets closer to the reporter and then asks this truly odd question.

“Are there people in the Republican Party who think we are sucking the blood out of kids?”

The reporter stumbles for a minute taken back by the weird question before trying again to get Biden to answer her question. “uh..I…I’m not sure, are there people in the Democrat—

Biden then walked off uninterested in what the reporter had to say.

Watch The Exchange Below. 

Now it’s possible that he was trying to make an extreme comparison here, but anyone that was paying attention last year would have seen Dems lining up last year to support BLM and their rioting. So let’s just hope it’s not a confession…

But the Democrat’s blood-sucking aside, Biden had more gaffes or weird confessions to make. In another encounter with the Press, he started off the encounter by saying his butt’s had been wiped… I guess he was feeling so fresh that he wanted to tell the world?

This would have been front-page news if it had been Trump. But right now Biden can say just about anything and the MSM is going to do their best to help him seem competent. The concerning thing here is that this freshly wiped bloodsucker is supposed to be leading our country when it’s pretty clear he should be put out to pasture.

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