Libs Just Found A New Way To Tell If You Are Racist

Get ready for this backward reasoning… Liberal Academics have come up with a new way to find out if you are a racist. They claim they can tell you are a racist if you don’t like Pitbulls. You read that right, if you don’t like the breed of dog referred to as Pitbulls, you are a racist…

“The Animal Farm Foundation, a non-profit “dedicated to securing equal treatment and opportunity for ‘pit bull’ dogs and their owners”, has launched a new initiative to combat “exclusionary dog breed restrictions in the housing insurance industry.”

In its statement, the AFF cites the work of Ann Linder, a Legislative Policy Fellow with Harvard Law School’s Animal Law and Policy Program. According to her paper, “The Black Man’s Dog: The Social Context of Breed Specific Legislation”, pit bulls have been unfairly tied to “gang violence by urban youths, as well as the hip-hop music scene.”

Also referenced is the work of Emory University associate professor of philosophy, Erin Tarver. In her work “The Dangerous Individual(’s) Dog: Race, Criminality and the ‘Pit Bull’,” Tarver applies French philosopher Michel Focault’s notion of “the dangerous individual” to what she sees as modern racialized attitudes towards pit bulls and the “perceived threat to normative whiteness” such animals pose.

Despite accounting for just 6.5% of all dogs in the United States, pit bulls were responsible for 66% of total fatal dog attacks between 2005 and 2017.

Tying the societal perception of pit bulls to anti-Black racism has become a theme in certain  American academic circles.”

This is one heck of a stretch. Pitbulls are a breed of dog, they are not black people. So what about people that don’t like dogs at all, are they racist against everyone? Do birds and fish also come into play on this? If someone doesn’t like tequila are they now prejudice against Mexicans? These libs are just nuts.

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