Biden Hold Ukraine’s Welfare Hostage As Russia Prepares To Invade

Biden is playing a weird game here. We are in a limbo-like position when it comes to the tensions growing at the Ukraine/Russian border. Biden claims we are not going to come to Ukraine’s aid unless we are obligated to by NATO, but told Russia to back off as if we were going to do something. But Russian troops continue to amass at the Ukrainian border and now Biden is withholding $200 Million of aid that he promised to Ukraine.

The Biden administration prepared a $200 million package of additional military assistance for Ukraine in recent weeks but held off on delivering the aid despite appeals from Kyiv and some lawmakers,” NBC News reported. “The administration’s delay of the smaller shipment of weapons and military equipment was designed to give more time for diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions and to retain leverage in the case of a Russian attack on Ukraine.”

A source claimed to the network that the administration was considering a larger package that would be approved “in the event of further incursion by Russia.” The package has been on Biden’s desk for roughly a month while Russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border.

“Although it’s unclear what the proposed $200 million aid package includes, Ukraine has asked for air defense systems, anti-ship missiles, more Javelin anti-tank missiles, electronic jamming gear, radar systems, ammunition, upgraded artillery munitions and medical supplies,” the report added. “The Biden administration and its supporters believe a combination of threatened sanctions, military aid and diplomacy can persuade Putin to pull back the tens of thousands of Russian troops that he has deployed along Ukraine’s border.”

It is an odd move to say that he was withholding it for negotiations. Russia has already been amassing troops there for a couple of weeks now. So Ukraine needs the help ASAP if we are going to help them defend themselves. But we will likely be pulled into a conflict with Russia if they invade anyway.

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