14 Year Old Saves Mom In Attempted Robbery: They Never Saw It Coming

And if gun grabbers had their way, there would have been at least one fatality. A teen saved his mom from being strangled to death after a robbery got violent. The teen used his father’s gun to level the playing field, sending the criminals running.

Authorities said the robbery suspect came into Bold Pizza on the 1500 block of Spring Garden Street a little before 9:47 p.m. and tried to reach over the counter and take money out of the register. That prompted a physical struggle between the robbery suspect and an employee, police said, and the suspect “started to strangle” the employee — the teen’s mother.

That’s when police say that the teen grabbed a handgun that was hidden under the counter. The boy managed to squeeze the trigger, shooting the attacker in the face. Reports note that the gun was owned by the boy’s father who has a legal permit.

Authorities did not say whether either the robbery suspect or the teen would face charges. But they said the suspect may be connected to another attempted robbery that happened just minutes earlier Thursday night.

Around 9:43 p.m., police said, three men walked into a CVS half a block from Bold Pizza, at 490 N. Broad Street, and demanded cash from the register. The cashier said she couldn’t open the registers without a code, police said, at which point one of the three men threatened to shoot her.

At that point, all three men fled the scene. Police were later able to follow a trail of blood from the restaurant to a nearby subway station. It was there that they found the wounded suspect, who was bleeding profusely.

A large amount of cash was found in his pockets, but police found no weapon. It is unclear whether the suspect was armed during the attempted robbery or if he had only pretended to have a gun. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and was last reported to be in critical condition, according to Newsweek.

This is what guns are for, to defend yourself and protect your loved ones from the vile criminals like this.

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