Biden’s Plan Was An ‘Utter Embarrassment’: Mitch McConnell Realizing He Backed The Wrong Guy [Video]

Personally, I found Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a little too complacent with the Biden administration. During Dem’s witch hunt to impeach President Trump, I would dare claim that McConnell seemed a little too cozy with the bunch. That’s why I believe he must see now that he backed the wrong guy.

During an interview on Fox McConnell blasted Biden saying that the 1% of the Pentagon’s budget spent keeping a ‘lid’ on Afganistan was worth it. Especially since the US had not seen a causality in over a year. Biden really had no excuse to pull the troops the way that he did.

“We hadn’t lost a single American soldier in combat in the last year,” he said. “It was working. It was working because we went there, we went there to prevent Al Qaeda from being back in full operational mode under the Taliban and to sort of keep the lid on.”

“My guess is we’re going to end up spending way more trying to evacuate people with this slipshod operation.”

The Senate Minority leader called the situation an “embarrassment” and a “stain” on America’s reputation.

Of the reported thousands of Americans and aligned individuals trapped in the now-Taliban-controlled country, McConnell said he worries about those outside the Afghan capital.

“They’re up to 15,000 Americans stranded out in the country who presumably have to beg the Taliban to let them get to the airport,” he said. “Not to mention the interpreters who worked with us, and other Afghans who are in danger because they cooperated with us. All of this is the aftermath of the decision first to withdrawal, and to withdrawal in a precipitous and incompetent way.”

McConnell said the Taliban sees the withdrawal as a military defeat of the United States of America.

“It’s an utter embarrassment. Our allies won’t trust us,” he said. “This was an incredibly incompetent step. And I’m going to say previous presidents have wanted to leave Afghanistan as well, but, in the end, they didn’t because we knew we had the lid on.

“We knew we had held Al-Qaeda down. And that’s the most we could have hoped for in Afghanistan. Nobody thought we were going to create a Jeffersonian, Western-style democracy there.”

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Call me crazy, but I didn’t think I would ever see a US President just hand over thousands of American citizens and allies to a terrorist group. This was insane, even for Biden.

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