Hobby Lobby Ordered To Pay $200k For Refusing To Be “Woke”

This is just the direction our country is going with Liberals at the helm and “woke” companies catering to the smallest minority groups, empowering their nonsense. Hobby Lobby refused to bend the knee to the will of the LGBTQ movement. When a confused man decided to identify as female and asked to start using the female restroom, Hobby Lobby said ‘no.’ They chose to defend the privacy of females instead. So the trans employee sued and won.

According to LawandCrime.com

“When she started working for Hobby Lobby in 1998, Meggan Sommerville identified as a man and used the male name assigned to her at birth. She began transitioning to female just shy of a decade later. Legally changing her name in 2010, Sommerville informed her employer of her current identity and told them about her intent to use the women’s restroom.

“Hobby Lobby changed Sommerville’s personnel records and benefits information to reflect her female identity,” Illinois Second District Appellate Court Justice Mary Seminara-Schostok, a Republican, summarized in her ruling. “However, Hobby Lobby refused to allow Sommerville to use the women’s bathroom at the store.”

In 2011, Hobby Lobby issued a written warning to Sommerville for entering the women’s restroom. Sommerville testified that she “broke down crying” and was “emotionally devastated” by the reprimand. She initiated her complaint to the Illinois Human Rights Commission some two years later, starting a process that would ultimately produce watershed precedent in her state.”

“In 2019, an administrative law judge finalized Sommerville’s six-figure award.

Hobby Lobby appealed that ruling to the state’s appellate court, which affirmed the commission on Friday.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

The guy can play pretend at home, or go find some other place to work. Hobby Lobby is owned by conservative Christians. So Of course, they are going to ensure women are safe and they are not going to stand for this liberal B.S. So now it looks like Hobby Lobby is about to be out over $200k unless they can get a higher court to listen to reason.

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