Big Game Hunter Gunned Down ‘Execution-Style’ Outside His Vehicle

The police aren’t calling it a hit but a quick trip around Riaan Naude’s Facebook will show you that he had a lot of haters in this world. Naude was a wildlife trophy hunter and we all know how much the left hates hunters. The police haven’t finished their investigation but did note that the hunter was shot ‘execution-style outside of his vehicle.

According to Mirror, Riaan Naude, who uploaded images of himself to social media posing with the carcasses of endangered species like lions, elephants and giraffes he had killed, was shot to death.

Police said the 55-year-old was found dead next to his vehicle in the South African province of Limpopo, which is known for its wildlife reserves including part of the country’s Kruger National Park. The Vehicle had reported had troubles suddenly and over-heated, stranding the hunter on the side of the road.

South African Police Service spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mamphaswa Seabi said: “The man was lying with his face up and there was blood on his head and face.”

Naude ran the Pro Hunt Africa firm, which describes itself on its website as a “hunting and Eco Safari outfit” in northernmost South Africa.

The Heritage Protection Group, a not-for-profit group against rhino poaching, claims Naude stopped his vehicle on the side of the road after it overheated around 5km from Mokopane.

Naude became well known in the wild game community as he shared his trophies on social media, including Facebook where he, even in death, is receiving tons of hateful messages.

One user mocked the hunter’s death saying, “All these people saying he was murdered! Please people, lets show some sensitivity. The correct term is “harvested.” While another user asked, “Did anyone take a selfie of Riaan that they could share here? I’d love to see that.”

The comments only get worse from there. Proving to me that social media has cost people their humanity. You don’t have to agree with a person’s career to have compassion for their death. Especially the way Naude died.

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