Pro Wrestler Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Tackles Crook [Video]

Natalia Markova had her purse stolen on a flight back to Florida. While the pro-wrestler alerted authorities, she also teamed up with another wrestler to track the thief down and get her belongings back—And that’s just what they did.

Thankfully for us, the thief was an idiot and decided to use Markova’s credit cards in the world’s most survaled store—Walmart. So we get a chance to see the crook get caught redhanded and served, as it happened.

The Comeback reported, “Fellow wrestler Bryan “Mercurio” Idol had the idea to ask if Markova had something in her purse that would allow it to be tracked. Markova’s Apple AirPods were in the purse so she used the Find My app on her iPhone and found that the person in possession of the AirPods was heading to a Walmart in Pinellas Park, Florida, an approximate 40-minute drive from where they were.

As they got to Walmart, Markova received a fraud alert that somebody was trying to buy a $700 TV using her credit card inside that same Walmart, so they were hot on the trail. They went to the registers and recognized a male who was on their flight that had a big screen TV in his cart. The two confronted the man, who ran off and left Markova’s credit card at the register. Idol chased the thief down and tackled him.”

According to PWINSIDER, Police arrived after getting a call about a fight in the store and according to a police report on the incident, after speaking with Idol, Markova and the man who attempted to flee, put the man Idol and Markova tracked down under arrest.

Idol spoke with the officer who arrested the man and advised that as long as all of the items were returned, Markova would not press charges.

The man advised the purse was turned into the American Airlines information desk at the Tampa airport, admitted he had taken $600 from the purse as well as the credit cards and the air pods and returned the stolen items. Markova later retrieved her purse from the airport.



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Personally, I think the thief should have faced charges but I guess the wrestlers felt that the tackle was punishment enough. Hopefully, the unidentified man will remember this life lesson the next time he thinks about stealing from anyone.

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