Big Mouth Behar Steps In IT Again, Implies Harris And Obama Are ‘Token’ Politicians

The View co-host Joy Behar can’t seem to keep her smelly foot out of her mouth lately as the liberal stepped in it again. This time she implied that vice president Kamala Harris and former president Barak Obama are/were ‘token’ politicians because of their race.

Last Friday where the hose ‘misgendered’ Bruce [now known as Caitlyn] Jenner and the left lost their minds. It’s likely that Behar overspoke while trying to overcompensate for last week’s mishap. Behar’s gaffe came as the co-host tried to weigh in on the recent guilty conviction against officer Minnesota officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd.

Behar began by putting the bulk of her rage into South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, ” What’s really appalling is Lindsey Graham who says there’s no systemic racism in this country. I mean, somebody needs to give Lindsey a globe to tell him which country he’s living in. Is it possible for somebody to get dumber as they get older? I don’t remember him being this bad when he was a younger guy.

Behar continued to keep her focus on Graham but what she should have been focused on was her own words:

“What the heck happened to this guy?” Behar sarcastically questioned right before sticking her foot in her mouth. “I mean, first of all, systemic racism is not about tokenism- it’s not about the vice president being black or the president being black. It’s about what goes on in the lives of everyday people in this country.”


A completely oblivious Behar didn’t even seem to realize what her last statement implied before continuing on her tangent:

“What we’re talking about is redlining and housing discrimination, we’re talking about employment discrimination. Remember that study Whoopi they did a couple years ago if you have a name they think is ethnic, they will reject your um interview, won’t call you back for a second interview? That is what you call systemic racism.”Voter suppression. White privilege needs to be dealt with. These are the things. It has nothing to do with Kamala Harris being the vice president. It’s about the guy next door to you who couldn’t move into the house because ggbhe’s black and you live in a so-called white neighborhood.”

She concluded, “That’s what systemic racism is about. And everything that follows from there — the school system, child care, employment, transportation, everything follows from there. I’m just appalled by Lindsey Graham. I’m appalled.”

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