Megyn Kelly Bashes The “Woke” Awards AKA The Oscars

The Academy Awards this year had the worst ratings yet. Americans are starting to see them for the joke they are, especially after all of the new forced diversity rules they put in place. Megyn Kelly saw their poor ratings and poked fun at them on Twitter.

“How’s all that incessant, insufferable woke, depressing lecturing via film, interviews, social media & at the actual, awful awards show going, Hollywood? Oscars Ratings Plummet by 58 Percent in overall, down 64% in younger audience,” she tweeted.

She referenced a Variety article where they talked about the dismal ratings.

“Per Nielsen Live+Same Day preliminary national numbers, an average of 9.85 million viewers tuned in on Sunday evening to watch a more intimate and stripped-down version of the Oscars in the midst of a pandemic. That’s a 58.3%, 13.75 million viewer drop-off from last year. The Academy’s third host-less show in a row scored a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 in the fast national ratings, a 64.2% dip from 2020.

For comparison, last year’s ceremony garnered a 5.3 rating in the key demographic and 23.6 million viewers per the night’s time-zone adjusted fast national charts.”

But people might just be sick of all of the “wokeness.”

“…the Oscars will require that films meet requirements in two of four categories: (A) “on-screen representation, themes, and narratives,” which looks for underrepresented groups in the cast or the story; (B) inclusion in the “creative leadership and project team,” such as the film crew; (C) “industry access and opportunities,” such as training programs; and (D) “audience development,” relating to marketing and promotion.

For criteria A and B, there are three options for meeting each standard. For example, a film could cast a racial or ethnic minority in a major role. Or the film’s narrative could focus on women, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ people, or people with cognitive or physical disabilities.”

As it stands, rarely does the best film get picked. It’s more about which film really encapsulated the current woke trends amongst Liberals. They are just showing how out of touch they are. Maybe they will take the hint and stop broadcasting their awards show altogether.

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