Blue State Gov Stumbles On The Truth: “We Look Like A Third-World Country”

I think everyone else in the nation knew how bad California is and its crime problem. But Governor Gavin Newsom was made aware of how bad crime has is in L.A., and after it was made public, he was forced to address it. So Newsom made a statement about how they are supposedly going to fix the crime problem. But the real issue is D.A. Gascon

“I mean, just less than 48 hours ago, we said, we’re coming down, let’s set this thing up. We had all the lawyers say, well hold on, it’s not your property. I mean, all, in every conceivable thing that makes you frustrated and crazy about government bureaucracy was at play, but everybody worked together,” Newsom told reporters. “They work through those issues. We got this memorandum of understanding. And we created a new framework of understanding about our mutual responsibility to address what the hell’s going on here.”

“And I see that was the emphasis. I see what you see, I see what you’ve been covering, I see what everybody’s seeing, asking myself, what the hell is going on?” Newsom said. “We look like a third world country, these images, the drone images that are on the nightly news day in and day out. Some networks weaponizing them for their own political agenda and others just reporting the damn news, fairly and appropriately and all I can say is we need all of us to recognize our collective and individual responsibility to do more and start supporting one another and address these issues.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

The Union Pacific Railroad claims about 90 cars a day are robbed,  and it was only after they went public with these crimes that they are now getting attention.

Union Pacific General Director of Public Affairs Adrian Guerrero rightfully blames D.A. George Gascon for being weak on crime and therefore creating this problem. Gascon claimed the LAPD reported to him that they had lax security, but the LAPD said otherwise:

LAPD spokesman Drake Madison denied that.

“Labrada did not make those comments,” he said.

What Labrada actually said, according to Madison, was:

“We have been working with UPR since August when this came to our attention. We will continue to work together. We have asked for increased efforts to secure the containers, increase security, and added cameras. We will continue our unified efforts to deter activity as well as prosecution of those committing crimes.”

So Gascon is full of it. But that does seem to be a requirement to be a government official in California. Now we get to see whether Newsom tells Gascon to shape up or if this was solely a publicity stunt because the spotlight hit their liberal cesspool of a state again.

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