BodyCam Footage: The Dramatic Rescue Of Child Kidnapped By Creep Will Make You Proud

Liberals give police a bad rap. They want to defund them or even abolish them in some cases. They don’t understand how essential they are to society. A little girl was kidnapped during broad daylight and a quick-thinking neighbor immediately called the police. They took action and found the kidnapper and little girl in less than an hour. Bodycam footage shows the moment police rescued her from her captor.

“You just can’t get there fast enough,” Officer Jason Burba said to WDRB-TV. “Seconds feel like hours. Your only thought is getting there as fast as you can.”

Police were able to rescue the girl within about a 30-minute window after the creep snatched her. In the footage, you can hear the terrified little girl cry for her father.

Police say they charged 40-year-old Robby Wildt with kidnapping a minor. “It’s extremely rare for us to see a stranger kidnapping,” said LMPD Sgt. Joe Keeling to WDRB.

“She’s a 6-year-old girl that obviously couldn’t help herself. She was absolutely terrified. I hate the fact she went through this. I hate the fact this is probably something that’s going to affect her the rest of her life,” he explained.

“But we were able to get there,” he added, “get in the area, find her, rescue her from her captor, and we were able to prevent anything worse than what had already happened from happening to her.”

Wildt’s bond was set at $1 million after he pleaded ‘not guilty to the kidnapping charged.  Wildt said he felt bad for taking the girl and was actually taking her back home when the police stopped him.

Thankfully, police reported that the little girl was not injured during her 30-minute- terrifying car ride and has already been returned safely to her family.


This is the kind of story that needs airtime. The MSM and Libs are always trying to bastardize the police and they refuse to accept the reality of the matter, Police are not only a deterrent for crime, they stop criminals in their tracks. This little girl was saved because the brave men and women in blue took action, and hunted down this criminal. If not for the police, she might have never been seen again.

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