Breaking: Now Even Mexico’s President Is Blaming Biden For The Border Crisis

Dems proved just how poorly they plan things with the border. It was secure. Biden could have put it off until later in his or Kamala Harris’s presidency. (depending on how things go) But instead, he had to undo everything Trump accomplished and in doing so he has put the border in crisis. Detention centers are overflowing and his solution so far is to spend millions on putting migrants into hotels… But the Biden Admin claims this is all Trump’s fault… Mexican President Obrador, like most rational Americans, also blames Biden, he claims he was too welcoming to migrants.

“Expectations were created that with the Government of President Biden there would be a better treatment of migrants,” Lopez Obrador said at a press conference. “And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so.”

President Biden reversed several Trump-era immigration measures, loosening restrictions for asylum claimants and ending a policy that required migrants to remain in Mexico while making their case to enter the United States. Lopez Obrador said the changes prompted migrants fleeing harsh conditions in Central America to risk the journey to the border.”

The Mexican President further explained that there is another solution to this.

“People don’t go to the United States for fun, they go out of necessity,” Lopez Obrador explained. “There needs to be support for the development of Central America and the south of Mexico. Particularly Central America.”

Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele recently said something similar.

“If you don’t provide for your people, economic opportunities, if your economy is doing bad, if your security is doing bad, people are going to leave, and you’re going to go and try to find a rich country, right? They’re not going to leave for Guatemala. They want to go to the United States,” Bukele explained.”

Biden inherited the most secure border we have had in decades, anyone can see that. But due to liberals’ hatred of Trump and their foolish want to have an open border, he is going to waste millions of tax dollars trying to fix his blunder. But that’s if he even remembers there is a crisis.

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