Cruz On The Warpath: What Are You Hiding At The Border?

The GOP is not taking the border crisis sitting down. Last week Cruz asked VP Harris what it was they were hiding at the border. He wanted to know why The Press was not allowed to go and see for themselves and on Friday he found out and he even videotaped, which was of course against the rules, how bad things are with numerous “kids in cages.”

Cruz tweeted about his intentions before heading down to the border.

“Kamala, tomorrow 17 senators are joining me at the TX border. The Biden admin is refusing to allow [The] Press to see the CBP facilities. Since you’ve promised to “release children from cages,” surely your admin will allow media to film the empty cages. If not, what are you hiding?”

The Senator’s tweet was a reply to her promise to get rid of detention centers and release kids from cages.

“As president, I will immediately put in place a meaningful process to review asylum cases. I will release children from cages. I will get rid of the private detention centers. It’s time we had a president whose actions reflected the values of our country.”

The Biden administration has cited coronavirus protocols as the reason why the press was not allowed in.

“That’s their stated justification. Never mind that they are packing thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants in packed facilities. It is reporters and cameramen that pose the COVID threat. And Harris, that’s obviously absurd. I can tell you, I’ve taken border trips,” Cruz said during an appearance on “The Faulkner Focus.” “I’ve been to those facilities many times in the Obama administration, in the Trump administration, and they’ve always let media in. It is only the Biden administration that is engaged in this blackout…”

But it turns out they were in fact hiding just how bad conditions are at the border.

Can’t wait to see all of the Liberal outrage… or more than likely, lack thereof. The MSM and Dems have been dodging the border crisis like the plague all because it is their senile leader’s fault. Trump secured it and Biden has put it in crisis.

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