California County Realizes Just How Wrong BLM Was

Last Summer BLM and Antifa wreaked havoc in multiple cities. Liberal leaders bent over backward to accommodate the “peaceful” protesters. In some cities, they were so afraid of being accessed of police brutality that they surrendered city blocks to the protesters. In the end, the rioter got what they want in many cities and police budgets were cut with the promise of new social worker law enforcers that never came. Instead, cities just saw skyrocketing crime rates as criminals took advantage of the lack of police. L.A. was one of the pandering cities where citizens suffered because of foolish leaders and now they rethinking the police budget.

In the first two months of 2021, Los Angeles Police Department officers have fielded 88% more reports of shots fired than the same time period in 2020. Gunshot victims in L.A. are up 141% versus last year, and homicides are up 39%, according to Crosstown, a nonprofit news organization based out of the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. There were 15 hate crimes reported in Los Angeles in 2020, up from seven reported in 2019, according to the Los Angeles Police Commission.

To combat the wave of violent crime, the California city has voted on Thursday to increase police funding. The Los Angeles County Metro, the area’s public transportation agency, voted to increase police funding by $36 million. The additional funding will go to the Los Angeles Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, and Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department. Law enforcement had originally asked for $111 million in more funding.

The extra funding passed with a unanimous 12-0 vote…”

They should never have defunded the police in the first place. You don’t cave to rioters, looters, aka criminals. Sure there were peaceful protesters mixed in, but many of the supposedly peaceful protests became riots and the rioters were anything but peaceful. The whole defund the police movement just showed how fickle liberal leaders are and let the police know that their local governments don’t have their back.

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