Breaking Report: Biden Knew About Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Failures Weeks Ago

Slippery Joe Biden rushed to take credit from the Trump administration for the vaccine’s fast rollout. Recently he declared that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the newest contributor to release, was because of his own hard work. The Democrat bragged about the ’20 million’ shots the manufacturer had ready to roll by the end of March with another 100 million to be out by the end of April. Just one problem- Johnson & Johnson really wasn’t ready to fill those orders.

Do you think Biden let the American people know they should expect some delays? Absolutely not. Politico blew the lid on this PR nightmare:

“Senior Biden administration health officials, including some within the White House, knew two weeks ago that a Johnson & Johnson contractor’s production problems could delay delivery of a significant number of future vaccine doses, according to three senior administration officials.

The news that the contractor, Emergent BioSolutions, had ruined 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine by mistakenly mixing it with ingredients from another coronavirus shot became public on Wednesday.
But two senior officials working on the federal government’s Covid-19 response told POLITICO that it became clear earlier this month that there were significant problems at Emergent’s West Baltimore plant, where the company was producing the active ingredient — or drug substance — for J&J’s vaccine. The officials said they had not known the exact details of the situation.

A third senior official said the Department of Health and Human Services found out last week that Emergent had botched the 15 million doses, and how. “It was no secret that Emergent did not have a deep bench of pharmaceutical manufacturing experts,” that official said.

The federal government expects that Emergent’s problems will delay future shipments of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, and distribution of doses to states will be patchy during the next several weeks, two other senior administration officials said. One of those officials said that Johnson & Johnson should still to be able to deliver the doses it promised under its contract with the federal government by the end of April.”

So now, with Johnson & Johnson still expected to roll out another 100 million in the next 30 days we wait for the next Biden- blunder.

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