AOC’s Shows Off How Little She Cares For Migrants With Latest Claim

During Trump’s presidency, Dems were nitpicking about everything. They even went as far as to attack him over the treatment of migrants, when he was simply continuing to use the detention center Obama used. Trump just enforced the laws of our land and actually gave us the most secure border we have had in decades. Yet if you listened to the MSM and Dems Trump is evil incarnate. AOC and the squad Dems claimed Trump was putting “kids in cages” and that he was running concentration camps. The loud Dem even went down to the border to find out how bad off the migrants were. But now when there is an actual crisis at the border and the Biden Administration has filled up all of the detention centers beyond capacity, to the point that they plan to spend millions to put migrants in hotels, AOC is defending Biden.

She posted about it on Instagram.

“Are you for real? So let’s talk about this because so much of our national conversation, which is not a conversation, about immigration is driven by people who could not care less about immigrants. So often people want to say, ‘Why aren’t you talking about the border crisis?’ or ‘Why are you talking about it in this way?’”

“Well, we’re talking about it. They just don’t like how we’re talking about it because it’s not a border crisis, it’s an imperialism crisis. It’s a climate crisis. It’s a trade crisis. And also, it’s a carceral crisis because as I have already said even during this term and this president, our immigration system is based and designed on our carceral system,” .”

“Secondly, Let’s talk about the climate crisis because the U.S. has disproportionately contributed to the total amount of emissions that is causing a planetary climate crisis right now, but who is bearing the brunt of that? Disproportionally, it’s actually not us. We help create the problem but disproportionally it’s the global south – it’s south Asia, it’s Latin America – that [is] going to be experiencing the floods, wildfires, and droughts in a disproportional way, which, ding, ding, ding, has already started a migration crisis but people don’t want to have that conversation.”

I guess migrants only matter when a Republican is in Office… But really Biden could have avoided this whole thing had he just kept Trump’s border policies going. This just goes to show how fickle AOC is.

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