Breaking Report: Biden Plans On Sending US Marine To His Death

Former American Marine, Christopher Ahn, is in a fight for his life. Biden plans to extradite the young hero to face charges in a forien nation even though Ahn has a massive target on his back. The North Korean dictator, Kim Jun Un, wants the Marine dead after he attempted to free a would-be defector from under the Kim regime.

“The court has recognized that there is a danger to my life and to those around me if I leave this country. Quite frankly, they’ve told me that that danger is here, in the United States and that that danger exponentially increases if I leave the country,” Ahn told Fox News.

“The fear is there.”

The Biden administration is trying to extradite the 39-year-old former U.S. Marine officer to Spain, to what his supporters say is certain assassination by Kim Jong Un’s regime for his anti-regime activities. They are calling on the Justice Department to drop its attempt to pack Ahn up and ship him out of the country.

“The same Department of Justice that has told me that if I leave the country that I could be assassinated, is the same Department of Justice that’s trying to extradite me,” Ahn told Fox News. “It’s very disappointing.”

In an article by Buzzfeed they wrote:

“Ahn signed on to the mission inside North Korea’s embassy in Madrid, the plan was already finalized. Other people had mapped out how to restrain the staff, how to hoover up any useful intel materials, and most importantly, how to make it look like the diplomat they were grabbing was being kidnapped rather than defecting — a fiction that would spare his relatives back home from brutal retribution.”

The plan had been devised by members of Cheollima Civil Defense, a secretive group set up to help defectors from North Korea escape as part of a bigger plan to take down the Kim dynasty. But Ahn was no mercenary for hire. He was a volunteer who had pitched in on tamer missions by soothing the fears of would-be defectors worried about what might happen if they broke free. He had landed in Spain that very morning knowing nothing other than that the group needed his assistance.

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History Repeating Itself, Already?

Otto Warmbier was ending a visit to North Korea in January 2016 when authorities arrested him at the airport in the capital city of Pyongyang. Three weeks later, Warmbier delivered a stilted “confession” to stealing a poster from a hotel. In March 2016, Warmbier was convicted in a show trial of crimes against the state and sentenced to 15 years at hard labor- for taking a stupid poster…

The previous president at the time, Obama, did nothing to bring Otto back home so he was left in North Korea subject to whatever horrors the Kim Regime had in store for him. Until Trump got into office, that is. In 2017, Otto’s parents pleaded on Fox News for Trump to bring the young man home. Through a show of strength and determination, President Trump answered their pleas and secured passage for Otto.

It was not the happy ending the Warmbiers hoped for, though. Otto returned in a semi-vegetative state only interrupted by the pain-filled moans and panicked screams of the young man. Otto was not able to tell anyone what had happed to him and would die only days after returning to American soil.

Fred and Cindy Warmbier, Otto’s parents, filed the legal action in April seeking damages. The North Korean government never responded. On Dec. 19, Beryl A. Howell, chief judge for the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., heard evidence from the Warmbier family and North Korea experts. On Christmas Eve of that year, Howell issued a 46-page opinion granting the Warmbiers a default judgment and the damages.

The gruesome details of Otto’s scars, his mangled once-perfect teeth, and brain damage were enough to chill the courtroom. The federal judge ordered North Korea to pay the parents of Otto Warmbier of Wyoming and their son’s estate more than $501 million for fatally mistreating him and causing the death of the University of Virginia student.

As of March, of this year, Otto’s parents are still in a fight to make North Korea pay. The country claims they did nothing wrong and refused the judges ruling.

Now, Biden plans to send a former American Marine to likely face the same fate— or worse? Remember, all Otto did was take a poster. Ahn attempted to free a defector.

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