Breaking: Republican Sen Warns American’s What’s Hiding In Biden’s New COVID Bill

Sen Martha Blackburn (TN-R) tore into Democrats for pushing through Biden’s new COVID ‘relief’ bill without a single Republican vote. While the mainstream media tries to spin the lack of Republican votes into something ‘anti-American’ the reason the bill couldn’t get a single vote from the GOP is simple- the bill has very very little to do with COVID relief.

In fact, the bill only seems to serve Democrats while leaving generations of voters in crippling debt. Blackburn snapped back at critics during an interview with Fox News and took the time to warn voters what to expect. She advised viewers that Republicans refused to vote on the bill because only 9% of the $1.9 trillion dollar bill will go to American families.

“It’s so interesting that all the COVID relief bills that we have passed under Leader [Mitch] Mcconnell’s leadership were done in a bipartisan manner,” Blackburn said on Sunday. “Every one of them got 90 votes or more.”

“So that shows you the degree of bipartisanship and how very hard [Senate Republican] Leader McConnell and President Trump and [House Republican] Leader [Kevin] McCarthy had worked to make these bipartisan,” she continued.

“And now when the Democrats are in charge, what do they do? They want party line votes, which is what they got in the House and the Senate.”

She added, “the reason for that is because only nine percent of this bill had anything to do with COVID.”

“The other 91% is money for the arts, humanities, transportation, abortion, loan forgiveness for students, loan forgiveness for socially disadvantaged farmers,” Blackburn said, adding that there is also “a provision of 15 weeks of paid vacation leave for federal employees and then you’ve got earmarks in there for hospitals in New Jersey, Rhode Island [and] Delaware.”

“Plus the big $350 billion blue state bailout,” she continued.

The bailouts were already dedicated to blue states like California and New York. Meanwhile, no two weeks ago, Washington denied statewide emergency relief funds to Texas after they face unprecedented weather conditions and blackouts.

“This bill is not fair to people who are truly hurting because of COVID,” Blackburn said. “It is not fair to our children and grandchildren and future generations because they’re the ones that are going to see their tax rates go up when the bill comes due.”


Some 90% of the new bill won’t even take effect until 2022. “Emergency relief”? I think not! Since Democrats have proven that they’re willing to bypass Republicans completely to pass bills that support their agendas it’s more important than ever to keep track of what they plan to do next.

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