Press Questions Once Again Fail To Reach Biden’s Senile Ears

We all saw how Biden has been. It’s a wonder he can put his pants on every morning let alone run this country. But his staff is trying to protect him as if they could hide his failing mental health, it seems they are trying to prevent the press from ever getting a chance to question him alone. They don’t want people to see how bad off he actually is. They have practically proved this as about 50 days have passed now and Biden has yet to face the Press by himself.

Biden has gone longer than his 15 most recent predecessors — going back 100 years — without taking questions from the press in the more official forum.

All 15 prior presidents held a solo press conference within 33 days of taking office, according to a CNN analysis of data from the American Presidency Project.

President Donald Trump held his first solo press conference 27 days after taking office, while President Barack Obama held one 20 days into the job.”

Members of The Press recently brought up this odd fact and Psaki said he has answered The Press plenty.

He’s answered questions. I believe that count is almost 40 times,” she said. “And I would say that his focus, again, is on getting recovery and relief to the American people and he looks forward to continuing to engage with all of you and to members of the — other members of the media who aren’t here today, and we’ll look forward to letting you know as soon as the press conference is set.”

The commander-in-chief has spoken to reporters briefly before boarding the presidential aircraft and has taken some questions from the press after making public statements about the coronavirus and other matters.”

Psaki is ridiculous. Biden has shown time and time again that he is no longer able to hold any sort of regular conversation. Liberals constantly have to redirect him after asking him a question, not because he is trying to dodge, because he doesn’t remember what the question is. During his recent Univision interview, “Dr.” Jill Biden had to translate for him as he struggled through the interview. And Sadly he is our president…

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