Britain Warns World About Russia’s Alarming Behavior

This is what happens when you make a senile old man president of THE world power. Our adversaries are lining up to test to see what they can get away with and Russia is no exception. The Russians have been mobilizing by the border of Ukraine and have been building up their nuclear weapons at an alarming rate. Our ally Britain has caught wind of this and is trying to let everyone know. But Biden doesn’t seem to be concerned.

Britain has sounded the alarm on Russia’s growing nuclear arms. Nearly half of Russia’s nuclear arms are not covered by the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which the Biden administration extended in January. A March security review from London recommended a 40 percent increase in Britain’s nuclear stockpile as fears of Russia’s arsenal grow.

For Major General Ferdinand B. Stoss, the director of plans and policy at U.S. Strategic Command, growing nuclear threats from Russia and others to American allies make his task of maintaining a strong nuclear stance all the more important.

“A challenge is that despite the U.S.’s concerted efforts to reduce the role of nuclear weapons … our adversaries since 2010 are doing the opposite,” Stoss said. “We have to make sure that our nuclear triad is safe, secure, and effective. If it’s not, we won’t be able to honor our extended deterrence commitments.”

President Biden and members of Congress meanwhile signal they do not want to grow or modernize America’s nuclear arsenal. Many of the key technologies used in deploying America’s nukes come from the Vietnam era.”

Biden seems more worried about “assault weapons” here in the United States than the fact that Russia is winning the arms race. We need to update our technology and let the world know that we are still very much number one. This wouldn’t have happened if Trump was our president right now. He would have given our military whatever they need to be the best they can be. But then again our adversaries were actually afraid of Trump and didn’t pull the stunts they are pulling now.

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