Filmmaker Exposes Leftist’s Voter ID Talking Points For What They Are, Rasist [Video]

To be fair, the filmmaker as well as the people he interviews on the streets don’t directly say that the left is racist in their beliefs that somehow back voters are less capable than white voters- but come on. Just take a look at how this whole thing plays out.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz hit the streets of Burkley California to get to the bottom of the push against voter identification laws. I am sure you can imagine the many responses he revived. By now, you should have heard all of them. Let’s take a look:

“These type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMVs and other places where they can get identification,” one man argued.

A female said, “For most of the communities, they don’t really know what is out there, just because they’re not aware, or they’re not informed.”

Another woman claimed that black voters do not know how to use the internet or may not have access to it. I have to tell you, that reasoning floored me. For nearly all of my life, the internet has been accessible at schools and in public libraries. This notion, in particular, is ridiculously racist- in my opinion.

While another claimed that the majority of felons are black, and so by preventing felons from voting we are perpetuating oppression “If when we look at a swing state like Florida, that’s a huge population of the African-Americans,” she said.

Horowitz then traveled to Harlem New York to speak to black voters. As you probably guessed they were dumbfounded by what liberals had to say:

“Everybody I know has ID,” one man said.

Horowitz broke it to another voter that (some) liberals believe black voters do not have access to the internet or know how to use it: “That’s just stupidity,” the man responded. “Everybody has access to the Internet, even a little kid can figure out how to work the Internet.”

Horowitz asked a woman if she thought saying that a person doesn’t have identification based on their race seemed odd:

“Is it a weird thing to even say that?” asked the reporter. “Yes, it is,” she answered.

“Is this some trick candid camera thing?” one man asked Horowitz, as he and a woman pulled out their state IDs.

Three people were shocked to find out that liberals believed that black voters don’t know how to get to the DMV. At least two men gave Horowitz the street name of the closest DMV. Everyone agreed they could easily get there when needed.

Horowitz found another person to ask about the internet:

“I’ve had access to the Internet for years,” an insulted woman told Horowitz. “I [use] it at work! Of course, I know how to use it. My kids know how to use it, they all have iPhones, iPads, whatever.”

“What does that say to you for people that have this perception of black people?” Horowitz asked.

“They’re pretty much ignorant,” one man said.

A woman similarly said, “I just think that’s ignorant.”

“Ignorant, very, very ignorant,” answered another female. “What people are they talking to? Who are these people talking to?”

“I think it is a little racist, because you’re putting people in a category and you have no idea what you’re talking about,” another person said.

“Maybe a little bit of racism in it, but like I said, I think it’s more stupidity,” one man told Horowitz.


Call me crazy but it seems incredibly racist to assume that you are somehow more capable than another person based solely on race. To me, this just further proves that the left, the party who established ‘Jim Crow’ in the south, has not changed. They can parade around and pretend to be social justice warriors while their politicians claim to ‘own’ the black vote, but the proof is right in front of us all.

I don’t necessarily blame leftist voters or the first group interviewed in the video above. Democrats have the mainstream media on their side and it’s a giant echo chamber of unsubstantiated talking points. So the voters hear the argument without the facts repeated across every media outlet and even on social media. Democrats wield that giant like a weapon and clearly, for some, it works.

H/T DailyWire


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