Canadian Freedom Protester Denied Bail But Has NEVER Committed A Crime

One of the organizers for Canada’s Freedom Convoy was detained and will be held without bail in an Ottawa jail. The judge denied Tamara Lich bail because he deemed her a threat to the public threat. Lich has no criminal record. I guess by ‘threat’ he’s referring to the $10 million she raised in crowdfunding that was wrongfully frozen by GoFundMe.

“There is a substantial risk you will continue these actions and will not abide by an order,” the judge told Lich, according to Global News reporter David Akin.

“Your recent history in our city … satisfies me that your detention is necessary for the safety and protection of the public,” the judge added.

Another post noted the judge stating, “I found your testimony to be guarded and your attitude almost to be obstructive.”

Again, the response appeared harsh, as Lich “has no criminal record and is ready to abide by conditions imposed on her by the court should she be released,” Global News chief political correspondent David Akin wrote on Twitter.

Americans better pay attention because this could happen here sooner than you think as organizers plan peaceful protests in the states.

Fox News reported that state and local law enforcement have called in support from the National Guard In anticipation of the massive convoy in the D.C. area between late February and late March, a government source told Fox News on Tuesday.

The truckers have requested a permit from the National Park Service to allow 1,000 to 3,000 to gather in the nation’s capital, according to the source. National guard troops will reportedly deploy beginning Tuesday and remain in place until the end of March.

I’m not sure anyone can convince me that the call to revoke bail isn’t a political move. Especially when we have violent criminals out on bail, right now. Here in the states and up in Canada. What about ‘public safety’ there?

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