Carlson Destroys Kamala In One Sentence…

Border Csar Kamala Harris is trying to appear more likable which is no small feat, her own party didn’t vote for her in the last primary. So instead of doing her job and fix the border which most Americans would appreciate, she has decided to host a staged discussion with child actors… Fox News host Tucker Carlson caught wind of this and while interviewing Candace Owens destroyed Harris in a single sentence.

The Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder said Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris is so “phony” she leaves Americans “pining for the authentic maternal warmth of Hillary Clinton.”

“I mean, it’s that bad,” Carlson said, adding that Harris is “daring you to watch her without vomiting. I mean, she’s literally that phony.”

Conservative author Candace Owens, who has a show on The Daily Wire, was a guest on Carlson’s show and added that Harris “genuinely resents being subordinate to [President Joe] Biden.”

The two were discussing a new video that features Harris talking about space travel with a group of teenagers — some of whom turned out to be actors.

“It is really a bizarre thing to watch,” Owens said, according to the Caller. “It’s so scripted, there is nothing authentic about her at all,” adding that Harris often looks like “she’s playing a part that she genuinely doesn’t want to play.”

“I think people are accurately reporting there seems to be this shade war between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. I think that’s accurate,” she said.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Joe Biden is out of his gourd most of the time, he creeps women out with his overly touchy nature and sniffing, but he still is more charming than Kamala Harris. And the concerning part here is that we may very well end up with Harris as our president if Dems suddenly decide to take note of Biden’s failing mental health.

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