Sec Blinken Finally Realizes What Iran Is Up To

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It’s amazing that it took the Biden Admin this long to realize what was going on. The Biden Admin has been pandering to Iran removing sanctions and doing everything in their power to get Iran on board with a new nuclear deal. But in the meantime, Iran has been steadily advancing their nuclear program, and according to Israel, they are way too close to nukes for comfort.

The Iranian nuclear program has made significant advances in recent months that will be difficult to roll back — and that could potentially undercut the benefits of salvaging the 2015 accord, particularly if a deal isn’t reached soon,” Axios reported. “Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid told National Security adviser Jake Sullivan in their meeting at the White House on Tuesday that Israel feared Iran was becoming a ‘nuclear threshold state.’”

Sec. Blinken admitted that the time for civil negotiation may soon be over.
Iran has been using this time to advance its nuclear program in a variety of ways, including enriching uranium to 20% and even 60%, using more advanced centrifuges, acquiring more knowledge,” Blinken said. Uranium typically must be enriched to about 90 percent or higher to be considered “weapons-grade.”
“We are prepared to turn to other options if Iran doesn’t change course,” he said. “Time is running short.”
But he is saying this after helping Iran advance their nuclear program.

“The Biden administration also lifted sanctions last week on two Iranian entities involved in Iran’s missile program.

The sanctions, targeting the Mammut Industrial Group (Mammut Industries) and its subsidiary Mammut Diesel, were originally imposed by the Trump administration in September 2020 as part of efforts to increase a maximum pressure campaign of sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear activity and actions in the region criticized as malign and destabilizing,” The Hill reported. “The entities were identified as being ‘key producers and suppliers of military-grade, dual-use goods for Iran’s missile programs.’”

Trump was playing hardball with Iran and forcing them to come to the table for a better deal. But Biden’s soft approach here has done nothing but help Iran get closer to nuclear weapons.

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