China Makes A Concerning Change To Their Military

China is taking advantage of Biden’s inaction. They have made no secret of the fact that they want to take over Taiwan and eventually the United States. So you’d think our president would be preparing for war to ensure that never happens. But Biden appears to be twiddling his thumbs and has taken very little action when it comes to protecting Taiwan or Americans. But China is doubling down and showing signs that they mean business. They have just modified their draft policy to ensure they will have plenty of soldiers for upcoming conflicts.

Recent news updates about China are all indicative of the country’s efforts to make itself war-ready.

This month, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of China released a set of changes to the country’s draft regulations. The focus of these new amendments has been military veterans who now can re-join their original unit or can be placed somewhere else.

According to the new regulations, the Central Military Commission or the State Council would be responsible for drafting soldiers and military personnel to government and other military agencies at diverse levels. The Central Military commission exercises the command and control of PLA, the People’s Armed Forces, and the Militia. Government authorities would help veterans in re-joining the units.

The Draft/Conscription regulation is basically the compulsory enlistment of the citizens for any national service, especially the military.”

All these new updates are a resultant effect of centenary celebrations of the Chinese Communist Party where President Xi Jinping, in his hour-long speech, reiterated the party’s “unshakable commitment” to unify China.”

After the centenary celebrations, China’s state-owned media publications have disclosed details of a hypothetical ambush by China on Taiwan. As per the Naval and Merchant Ships article, China would carry out a three-stage plan to invade the island and topple the government in Taipei.”

I hope I am wrong about Biden. He has talked to neighboring countries about Taiwan and even forced Japan to commit to defending Taiwan. But in doing so China has point-blank told Japan they will nuke them if they dare defend Taiwan. But I hope Biden is just preparing for this conflict behind the scenes. Otherwise, there could be serious trouble on the horizon.

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