Woke Media Is Out For Blood, Aims To Destroy Bill Maher For Disobeying The Herd

The cancel culture mob in the media has targeted one of their own. Liberal late-night host Bill Maher has recently taken to attacking his fellow libs as well as the media and Democrats for their damaging agendas. Too bad for Maher, the party he claims to support has absolutely zero tolerance for followers who speak out against the hive and Maher’s show, ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ is now under attack.

One such offender is MSNCB hack Tiffany Cross, who spent a significant amount of time calling to end Maher’s show and referring to him as a ‘privileged ‘old white man.’

Cross began the loony call to action by saying that, “Maher has been whack for a long time. From his make-out session with the black face expert, Megyn Kelly, to his infamous use of the ‘N’ word on his show, for which he later apologized, and his continual mostly white weekly panels where he sings sob songs to them about the perils of the shrinking demographic and chides anyone who falls even slightly outside of his myopic, privileged view. Maybe he even said something highly offensive again last night, I don’t know. I stopped suffering through that stale, clumsy monologue and painfully out-of-touch show a long time ago. But I did see the clipped segment of him complaining about Lin Manuel Miranda apologizing for the lack of Afro-Latino representation in his movie, In the Heights.”

Cross played a short clip with Maher that showed a like-minded crowd of moderates cheering him on. A confused Cross couldn’t wrap her warped mind around the idea that not everyone on the left agrees with what’s going on, ” Okay, so I don’t know if the applause from the audience was sincere or if they were responding to the applause sign in the studio, but either way, how disappointing.”

Cross proceeds to make another slight about Maher’s skin color and tie him further with white supremacists claiming he stands on an “alabaster perch every week to crap on other people’s lived experience while providing a safe haven for well-established white supremacists.” Concluding that the “old angry white man act is so played out.”

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I find it soft of comical that the left, in all this time, hasn’t come up with a better insult to force members to stay in line other than the old ‘your a racist if you don’t agree’ bit. Then again, it would take a free thinker to come up with a new intimidation tactic— And they don’t have any of those left.


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