Civil Rights Lawyer Hits Biden Where It Hurts [Video]

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell verbally backhanded loony Joe Biden during an epic rant on Fox News. The rant was in response to Biden’s crazy racist speech in commemoration of the  100-year anniversary of the Tulsa massacre. Biden took a swing at the black community, basically saying that black lawyers and accountants do not exist.

“Joe Biden, look at me! I’m Black. I’m a lawyer,” an outraged Terrell snapped.

“There are thousands of Black lawyers. This is insulting, this is offensive,” the Fox News contributor continued. “I’m Black. I’m a lawyer, 30 years as a lawyer, and here’s the other part that is so insulting. It makes an assumption, a racist assumption that Blacks only go to Black lawyers. I have Black clients, White clients, yellow clients…this guy plays the race card. Somebody needs to tell him he’s a racist.”

During remarks on Tuesday, Biden said, “The data shows young Black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as White entrepreneurs are. But they don’t have lawyers,” Biden claimed. They don’t have — they don’t have accountants, but they have great ideas.”

“It’s the same kind of hyperbole he used when he called Georgia laws “Jim Crow” that show Biden is uninterested in truth — he just wants to score political points,” NYP explained.

But Biden suggested that the nation hasn’t come very far in the past century, and diminished the tragedy by pretending today’s voting laws are somehow equivalent. He accused Republicans seeking to secure election integrity of being “simply un-American,” and engaging in a “tireless assault on the right to vote,” an “unprecedented assault on our democracy.”

“Breaking news, I’m Black,” Terell shouted on air. “I’m a lawyer. I’m Black.”

“He’s crazy,” Terell continued. “Somebody needs to tell Joe Biden he’s a racist.”

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Biden has a long history of subtle (and not-so-subtle) racist comments. Just do a google search of Biden’s 2020 campaigning on race and his failed attempts to pander to black voters. The man is sick, deranged, and a danger to the country— In my opinion. He has absolutely no business being the leader of the free world.


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