CNN Anchors Drool Over New Legislation That Punishes Gun Owners.

Despite what Dems may believe, we still have the right to bear arms and we shouldn’t be penalized for owning firearms just because there are mentally ill in our society. But a Californian Mayor is trying to do just that. Mayor Liccardo wants to start taxing gun owners by forcing them to buy liability insurance on their guns. CNN “New Day” Anchors John Avlon and Laura Jarrett seemed to love the idea claiming it would save cities millions… It would just cost lawful gun owners high premiums in the process.

AVLON: San Jose, California, passed a new gun law that’s the first of its kind in the nation. Now get this, the law requires gun owners to have liability insurance. Pay an annual fee to help curb the cost of gun violence. The law was proposed in the wake of the shooting at the valley transportation authority that left nine people dead back in May, joining us now to analyze this is CNN’s “Early start” anchor Laura Jarrett. Laura, this is a really interesting, innovative policy suggestion by the San Jose mayor, how would it work? 

JARRETT: So super interesting. Novel, first of its kind as you said and Of course, as you might imagine, very controversial already. Right, so the best way to think about this, as you and I were discussing in a break. Think about car insurance. Anyone can wrap their heads around that, right? The idea is if you own a car. You have to have insurance. You pool the risk, hopefully, you don’t have as many accidents that way and the same might be true here, if this actually goes through. This is just a draft proposal that they’re considering, but if it goes through, it’s not only about the devastation to the families, obviously, you know, loved ones are lost, people feel that. It’s also super expensive for cities that are really impacted by this, right? Check out one data point here, I think if we have it in just the six years from 2013 to 2019, one estimate shows there’s over 200 incidents of gun violence in San Jose. Guess how much that costs taxpayers, John? An estimated $442. This would be huge savings. 

AVLON: Million. That’s unbelievable the cost of each shooting.

JARRETT: Yes. Exactly. This would be a huge savings if it goes through. But obviously, the devil is going to be in the details, right.

AVLON: It always is, and the San Jose mayor isn’t naive about the fact that this is going to get legal challenges from day one. But It’s interesting, he confronted that head-on. I want to read folks what he said. He said look ‘skeptics will say that criminals won’t comply. They’re right. Yet that’s an important feature of these proposals, not a defect. These ordinances create a legal mandate that provides police with a lawful means for seizing guns from non-law abiding dangerous people.’ So he’s saying basically, bring it on.

Watch The Clip Below. 

This is insane. So now they want lawful gun owners to cover for the state’s failure to care for the mentally ill. Dems always want to blame guns and penalize gun owners that have nothing to do with any shootings. They go after the gun owners as opposed to fixing the actual problem, which is mental illness. This just another attempt on the part of Dems to disarm lawful gun owners. Not everyone would be able to afford insurance premiums on guns, which would make them unlawful according to the proposed law.

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