CNN Guest Claims Trump Killed Thousands Of Americans

CNN just can’t help themselves, following Trump is what kept the lights on for the Liberal network. So they jumped at the chance to talk about Trump again. They invited Hater and impeachment witness against Trump, Alexander Vindman to be interviewed on “New Day.” Vindman made some outrageous claims that CNN was happy to broadcast including claiming Trump was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

KEILAR: He was acquitted. He goes on to promote the big lie, January 6th, based on the big lie happens. Do you think that that acquittal emboldened him to proceed as he did?

ALEXANDER VINDMAN: I do. I think he’s an individual that tests — that automatically tests boundaries and pushes as far as he can go. And the signals he received from his acquittal emboldened him going into management of the pandemic. I said it before, the president was — believed he could about with impunity, he believed he could disregard all of the warning signs about an unfolding pandemic and his mismanagement resulted in needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Certainly we could still have people dying because of pandemic, but it was the president’s mismanagement. If he had been removed,  if he had been censured, if he was on his back heels we would not have those kinds of casualties and wouldn’t have had a second impeachment and wouldn’t have riots in the streets that the president himself inflamed, we wouldn’t have an insurrection. That’s not just the failure of the president, that’s a failure of the people that enabled the president. 

Watch The Clip Below. 

That is some grade-A B.S. Dems called Trump xenophobic when he shut down travel to China. Trump also pushed companies to get a vaccine to fight the Wuhan Flu faster. Trump had the vaccine out so fast that the Biden Admin tried to take credit for it. Vindman is just salty that Trump beat the impeachment rap, and really he is just there to sell his memoir. So of course he is going to say some outrageous nonsense.

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