Psaki Just Made An Outrageous Claim About The Border

Former Director of ICE, Tom Homan explains every time that he gets on air that Trump secured our border better than it had been for years. He was able to keep up with the CDC’s 6ft Covid Rule in the detention centers. But Dems don’t want Americans to remember that. Press Secretary Psaki straight out lied when Fox News WH Correspondent Peter Doocy asked about the border. She tried to blame their failed leadership on Trump.

Peter Doocy: And then, on immigration, it’s been almost four months since the President told migrants, “Don’t come.  Don’t leave your town.”  Almost two months since the Vice President went to Central America to say, “Do not come.”  But people are coming in record numbers.  Does the President think his immigration plan is working?

MS. PSAKI:  Well, the President continues to convey to anyone, as you’ve said, who wants to come to the United States: Now is not the time to come.  It is not the time to come and try to go through irregular migration.

We want to have an effective process where you can apply for asylum, where you can apply for legal status.  We have increased our investment in areas like the Central American Minors Program, allowing people to apply from within country so they are not making that dangerous trip.

There’s more that needs to be done.  We’ve also instituted a number of additional steps recently, including expedited removals, to move people out of the country more quickly.  But it’s a — we’re still at work on improving a process and improving a system that was very broken when we took office.

Doocy: So, the message to migrants is the same, even though they are coming — a 21-year high, 210,000 encounters at the border last month?

MS. PSAKI:  And I would also note the number of people who were — who were removed from the border, which is an important part of the context, which is almost half of that number.

Doocy: But he’s saying, “Don’t come.”  And they’re coming.

MS. PSAKI:  Well, there are a number of factors, as you well know, that are happening in these countries.  And we’re working to address those as well, and the Vice President is leading those efforts.

We don’t expect that to be a switch, but addressing root causes in these countries — corruption, economic downturn, people are fleeing a range of challenges, persecution — those are issues we need to address at the same time.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

Biden created this border crisis when he undid all of Trump’s working border policies. And really at this point, it is obvious that the Dems have no intentions of fixing the border crisis. They are counting on the illegals to get them elected again.

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