CNN Whines About Work Requirements: ‘They Are Offensive to Poor People’

For many, it’s shocking to hear that being required to work for welfare benefits is somehow “offensive,” but that’s what Ashley Allison, political commentator for CNN’s State of the Union had to say. After hearing GOP Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s announcement of a deal in principle to raise the debt ceiling to President Joe Biden, Ashley lead the liberal chorus of voices who have a fundamental aversion to the Republican’s insistence on work requirements.

“I think the Republicans’ obsession with work requirements are offensive to poor people, assuming that people want to be poor and don’t have the fight inside of them to work hard,” said Allison, implying that lazy people should be allowed to receive federal benefits.

What many people don’t understand is this aversion to hard work, which is so ingrained in the left’s platform that it’s become difficult to identify. Alison’s suggestion that the GOP is demonizing the poor is just another example of the left’s refusal to accept the idea that hard work yields results. This aversion to hard work manifests in other beliefs such as the idea that the government should provide for everybody and that we should strive for “equality,” despite the fact that it’s impossible to level everyone against any sort of standard.

This aversion to hard work isn’t just a problem for conservatives and small businesses, but also for the people that liberals claim to be working for. Allison’s statement implies that being poor is just an accepted state, rather than something that you’re trying to work your way out of. This sentiment perpetuates the cycle of poverty and does nothing to encourage people to go out and work hard to make a better life for themselves.


Rather than encouraging the poor to lift themselves up, Allison and the left instead choose to demonize those who believe in the value of hard work. This attitude is one of the main reasons why the Democratic Party struggles to get votes from the middle and working classes; by bashing hard work, they’re essentially saying that they don’t appreciate the struggles that the middle and working classes go through to make a living.

It’s no surprise then that the GOP was able to come to an agreement in principle to raise the debt ceiling with ease compared to what the Democrats were expecting. In the end, it’s clear that those who recognize the value of work will always find success.

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