Female Inmate Blasts Trans Movement In Prisons:‘I Was Attacked Because I Didn’t Want To Have Sex With Him’

It’s a sad reality in our world today- that transgender individuals are being allowed to go where they please, even in potentially dangerous spaces. In the state of New Jersey, female prisoners are being forced to share space with male transfer inmates who identify as female, and the consequences are proving to be deadly. Shakira Reed, an inmate at New Jersey’s Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women, is the latest victim of such a dangerous combination.

Reed told Reduxx in an interview that she was violently attacked by a trans-identifying male, named Jermain Gibson. Witnesses said the scene left “blood everywhere”. Reed alleges that she was attacked because she refused to have sex with him. Following the assault, Reed was transferred to Hunterdon Medical Center to receive medical attention for her broken nose and two black eyes. Both Gibson and Reed were given 90-day lock-ups as punishment.

Reed claims that prior to the attack, Gibson sexually harassed her, including exposing himself as she walked past his cell. She reported the incident but Gibson was never punished. A fellow female inmate told Reduxx that she witnessed Gibson constantly harassing Reed and that it was loud enough that she could hear it, but she could not see it.

This incident comes after another male inmate who identified as female allegedly impregnated two female inmates in the same women’s only prison. Now, the state of New Jersey has implemented new radical gender theory practices in its prison system. This means that inmates, male and female, are placed in prisons based on their gender and not their birth sex.

All of these experiences should not be happening to Shakira Reed and the other female inmates. In an environment like this, it is impossible for these women to live in peace. Unfortunately, liberal agendas are pushing women into dangerous spaces with predators and trying to normalize transgenders. It’s time to take a stand against this and protect these women!

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