Court Rules Against “Woke” Social Identity Libs

It’s weird how in recent years suddenly the minority has more say than the majority in this country. We have become a nation that is being terrorized by the squeaky wheels of our society while the majority sit back and take it. According to a recent census, Transgendered people make up less than a percentage of our country. But let’s say that it’s double just to account for those that did not identify that way, or even triple it to be more than fair. So about 3% of our country is forcing odd gender pronouns down our throats and Liberal allies are just helping to enforce this lunacy.

Shawnee State University Professor Nicholas Meriwether works in a liberal-dominated field so they are of course trying to be “woke” and tried to force him to start using requested pronouns if it were to come up in his classroom. It eventually did and Meriwether made a compromise with the school saying he would instead just refer to the person by their last name instead since he did not agree with the movement. The school was fine with it at first but then felt it was discrimination and demanded he called the person by their preferred pronouns. Meriwether said no and sued the school and in a win for the sanity of our nation, the courts actually agreed with him.

The court’s conclusions provide new ways to handle the gender identity movement, empowering the average American.

  1. “The case provides further support for the view that the First Amendment potentially protects public university professors’ teaching decisions (at least in some situations).
  2. Under the court’s reasoning, the First Amendment would even more clearly protect against liability imposed by the government as sovereign (e.g., through the civil liability system or through administrative fines) rather than just as an employer.
  3. Much of the language in the opinion will also be used to support other kinds of academic freedom claims, for instance, based on faculty research, faculty outside writing (from Tweets to blog posts to op-eds), and university student speech.
  4. But whether a university may forbid faculty members from referring to students using the pronoun that the student rejects remains an open question. This case only deals with faculty members declining to use the pronoun the student prefers and using the student’s name instead.”

Meriwether should not have had to do this. He was being more than fair calling the student but their last name.  But the school didn’t like that he found a loophole to their gender identity movement. They wanted him to help normalize the odd usage of pronouns. But people have two genders, that’s it. There is no reason to call someone they, their, or them. It’s ridiculous. They know it and everyone else does too. You want to be called a group of people now… that’s fine but here in reality you are a “he” or a “she.”

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