New York Libs Punish Police For Crime Spike

The Defund the Police last summer should have easily proved to everyone one simple truth: We need the police. Crime rates skyrocketed across the country every place that Liberal leaders cowered to the movement and cut police budgets. The correlation is more than obvious at this point. So when New Yorkers saw that their crime was getting out of control this year you’d think they’d know exactly what to do, but no in the face of an increase of crime, they doubled down and are now further reforming the police…

As of March 21, compared with last year, the NYPD has reported eight more homicides (a 12 percent increase) and 63 more shooting incidents (a 40 percent increase) that wounded 69 more people (a 39 percent increase).”

So to combat the skyrocketing crime rates the city is going to reform the police…

“…the council’s new package of police “reforms,” which comes atop the measures passed last summer by the council and state lawmakers. It includes bills that will make police-work even costlier by, among other things, increasing the risk that officers will be held personally liable in lawsuits; prohibiting officers from living in the city’s lower-cost suburbs (making it likelier that they will cross paths while off the job with those whom they’ve arrested); and taking officer discipline out of the police commissioner’s hands, turning those decisions over to a civilian board.

The council’s package contained not a single measure that could conceivably bring shootings and homicides back down. Rather than draw on the successes of the 1990s and early 2000s, leaders have decided that now is the time to embrace even more reform for reform’s sake: to “reimagine” how the Big Apple approaches safety.”

This reminds me of the phrase “you can’t fix stupid.” This should be a huge wake-up call to New Yorkers that it’s time for a change in leadership. But seeing as Cuomo is somehow still in office after his horrible performance with the pandemic and numerous sexual assault allegations, I guess they just don’t care who leads them.

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