Crenshaw Blows Rep Schiff Away With One Tweet

Trump Derangement Syndrome King Rep Adam Schiff was constantly on the lookout for a way to get rid of Trump. Schiff was heartbroken when the probes turned up nothing. But that didn’t stop him from going after Trump when Dems tried to impeach him. So of course, Schiff thinks the GOP is not a functional party, because many Republicans still like Trump for 2024, and Schiff would blow a gasket if Trump won again. So he took to Twitter to bash the GOP. But Rep Crenshaw saw this and knocked Rep Schiff down a peg.

Schiff’s tweet:

“The Republican Party is a shell of its former self. What we see today is a cult of personality beholden to the whims of a disgraced, former president. Republicans of good conscience — both in power and out — must take their party back. America needs two functional parties.”

Crenshaw then gave Schiff a dose of reality about who’s party needs to straighten out.

“We ain’t perfect… but your party believes men can be pregnant and “real socialism hasn’t been tried.” So there’s that.”

Crenshaw just destroyed Schiff with this post. Libs have really gone off the deep end and are pandering to the LGBTQ so hard that they are normalizing people we used to send to therapy. Schiff talks about how we need two functional parties, but the GOP is functioning just fine. They are doing their damnedest to stop Dems from ruining our country. It is an uphill battle with Biden and radical Dems constantly trying to push through leftists policies.

A confused man just went to a spa in California and exposed himself to the women there because Biden said it is ok for confused men to enter female sports/locker rooms. There were young women there in the female-only area that were exposed to a fully naked man. But this isn’t seen as the act of a pervert. No, it’s somehow ok because the many identified as a woman. And don’t even get me started on female sports, it’s just messed up that Biden would crap on women like this. But it’s the GOP that needs to get their act together when the Dems are practically opening the doors to asylums and forcing the mentally ill on everyone.

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