Texas Dems Make The Most Insane Claim Yet

Gov Abbott is singlehandedly stopping illegals and keeping Americans safer every day. He is stopping Biden’s catch and release program and instead jailing illegals that come here for up to a year. He has to take these extra steps because Biden is not doing his job. Abbott is also trying to ensure there is not any voter fraud in the upcoming elections, that’s why he has put warrants out for the Dems that fled the state when the GOP introduced a bill meant to protect the integrity of future elections. But the Texas Dems are trying to make it out like they are the victims. They claim that they are like runaway slaves. Maybe Abbott can give them the option to stay gone.

Rep. Senfronia Thompson was the Dem that made the ridiculous comment.

“We refuse to be a hostage, to remain a hostage within the state of Texas,” Thompson said at a Friday news conference. “And I know that there are search warrants out for us, and I’m ready to be arrested. What do you do to a slave if you don’t do nothing but arrest them when they flee?”

“We fled Texas if they want to arrest me, go ahead,” Thompson continued.

“And when I think about how we had to come a long ways, and watch signs that say: No Dogs, No Negroes, No Mexicans. When dogs were unleashed on our people. When they beaten, They were bombed, When they were killed, and all of the things that we had to endure.

Haven’t we done enough? Haven’t we paid the price enough? What is it going to take for us to Americans in this country? I am an American and I want to vote! without somebody infringing upon my rights and the rights of my constituents. And I stand to fight at the end of the day for it. I stand to fight for it until I can’t fight no more.

Because I am tired of people picking on us for no reason. We are Americans! and we are proud Americans, and deserve the same rights, and respects, and considerations that everybody has, and I am going to fight until we get it. I am not going to be a hostage and if they want to arrest me, bring it on!

Watch The Clip Below. 

These Dems are staying in nice hotels and living it up while they stay out of the state. They are by no means dealing with any actual hardships. But typical of the Democrat party, they are claiming that the GOP is trying to stop Americans from voting when in reality, the GOP just wants Americans to verify their identities with IDs, and they want to extend voting hours to ensure everyone gets a chance to vote.

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