Dem Gov Takes A Humiliating Shot At Replacing Biden With Laughable Campaign Video

The Democratic presidential debate, which took place last Thursday, has created a storm of speculation regarding two crucial questions- 1) whether President Joe Biden could be replaced atop the Democratic presidential ticket, and 2) who would replace him.

While Vice President Kamala Harris seems like the obvious choice, her low approval ratings raise doubts about her ability to win key states. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and former First Lady Michelle Obama have also been mentioned, but neither seem like strong contenders. This has led to the surprising resurgence of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s name.

Whitmer, who had strict COVID-19 lockdown policies and faced a revolt for banning the sale of gardening supplies, may not seem like the most likely candidate to lead the Democratic party in the 2024 election. However, her campaign slogan “fix the damn roads” has garnered attention and earned her 54.5% approval during her re-election campaign in 2022. And now, in a desperate attempt to promote infrastructure development, Whitmer has released a cringeworthy video titled “#HotInfrastructureSummer.”

For those unaware, the hashtag takes its name from a 2019 song by Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj called “Hot Girl Summer,” which is basically an ode to promiscuity. Whitmer’s attempt to relate this to infrastructure development falls flat, as her video consists of her awkwardly trying to be cool while insisting that infrastructure is “real hot girl sh**.” The video was met with immediate backlash and mockery, with even her own party members cringing at the attempt.

Conservative political commentator Christina Pushaw, who worked with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ team, accurately described the video as “the purest distillation of cringe.” Despite the backlash, others have mentioned Whitmer as a potential Presidential nominee, further proving the desperate state of the Democratic party. However, her video only serves to highlight her lack of experience and readiness for a national leadership role.

These types of cringe-worthy attempts at being relatable only serve to further damage the already sinking reputation of the Democratic party. It also highlights the lack of strong candidates who could potentially lead the party in the future. As more and more unconventional names are brought up as possible Democratic nominees, it becomes evident that the party is in dire need of a solid plan and strong leadership.

However, until then, we’re left with Hot Infrastructure Summer and other attempts at being cool and relevant. Only time will tell if the Democratic party can bounce back from this slump and find a strong candidate who can lead them to victory in the next presidential election.

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