WH Aides Confirm Our Worst Fears About Biden

Thursday’s presidential debate on CNN in Atlanta left Democrats questioning whether Biden is fit to serve another four years in office, should he defeat former President Donald Trump in November.

Viewers were confronted with ninety minutes of Biden’s frail and feeble appearance, as he mumbled, appeared lost, and went off on tangents that seemed to have no coherence. For years, the left dismissed concerns about Biden’s mental state as a right-wing conspiracy theory and denounced any footage of his decline as a “cheap fake.”

But now the truth cannot be ignored. CNN’s coverage of the debate made it clear for all to see: Biden’s mental and physical decline is a reality, not a conspiracy theory. And a report from Axios, based on information from White House aides, paints an even more concerning picture: Biden is only “dependably engaged” for six hours a day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In other words, Biden is only available to perform his duties as president for a quarter of the day. The rest of the time, and when he is traveling abroad, he is more prone to verbal miscues and fatigue, according to his aides.

This means that the supposed leader of our country is essentially only working part-time. Can we really trust someone who is only “dependably engaged” for six hours a day to make sound decisions that affect the entire nation?

What’s even more disturbing is that Biden’s own cabinet members have gone to great lengths to deceive the American people about his abilities. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm described him as the “wisest, most knowledgeable person in the room,” while Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he has “exceptional” ability to navigate complex issues. Attorney General Merrick Garland even claimed that Biden is consistently one step ahead of them.

But if we can’t trust the people closest to him to tell the truth about his mental state, how can we trust him to lead our country?

It’s frightening to think that Vice President Kamala Harris may be running the country during the early morning and evening hours when Biden is not “dependably engaged.” This puts us in a vulnerable position, especially if our enemies wanted to make a move against us when Biden is not mentally or physically able to respond.

It’s clear that the people who work for Biden care more about their own positions of power than the well-being of our country. They have purposely misled us and dismissed concerns about Biden’s mental decline to protect their own interests.

It’s abundantly clear that having Biden as our leader is a dangerous and reckless choice. How can we trust someone who can only handle a quarter of the day’s responsibilities to lead our nation? It’s time for the American people to wake up and see the truth: Biden is not fit to serve as our president.

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