Dems Desperate to Remove Biden After Disastrous Debate, Sell Their Soul On This Next Pick OMG

After a disastrous debate performance from Joe Biden and growing concerns about his age and fitness for office, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker suggests a solution: Hillary Clinton should replace Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate.

Parker argues that the prospect of Harris potentially having to step up as president due to Biden’s age is dragging down the Democratic ticket. Polls show that a significant number of Americans are worried about Biden’s health and whether he is fit to serve. At 81 years old, he would be the oldest president to ever take office, and even polls from February show that a majority of Americans believe he is too old for a second term.

While some argue that age is just a number and it’s unfair to judge someone’s abilities based on their numerical age, Parker points out that Biden’s physical and mental decline over the past few years cannot be ignored. She believes that even the most physically fit and mentally astute 80-year-old would struggle to keep up with the demands of the presidency.

So, what is the solution? According to Parker, the answer is to add 76-year-old Hillary Clinton to the ticket. She suggests giving Harris a different role in the administration, such as attorney general, to save face. This, she argues, would reassure hesitant voters that, should something happen to Biden, Clinton would be there to take over and maintain stability.

While it’s possible that Clinton may not want to be a part of the ticket, Parker believes she may feel compelled to continue working for the country. This move would not only provide a backup plan for Biden but also potentially attract more centrist voters.

Interestingly enough, Clinton seems to be raising her profile in recent months, possibly positioning herself to step in if needed. She has already endorsed a more moderate Democrat in a primary race, and she has a book coming out just before November’s election that addresses the current state of politics and democracy.

With the election only a few weeks away, the race is heating up, and Clinton potentially returning to the national stage could be a game-changer. It’s a possibility that cannot be dismissed, and it could be one of the most shocking developments of this election cycle: Hillary Clinton back on a presidential ticket.

This potential move reveals the weakness of the Democratic party. Their chosen candidate is struggling, and their backup option is a two-time failed presidential candidate who has remained controversial for decades. This just goes to show that the Democrats have no strong or viable candidates to offer.

Not only does this proposed change reflect poorly on the Democratic party, but it also speaks volumes about their policies. With Biden’s health in question, it’s clear that the Democrats are not putting forward a candidate with the stamina and capability to lead the country. Adding Clinton to the ticket would only confirm this lack of confidence in their own party.

Having Clinton as a potential replacement also highlights the corrupt and self-serving nature of the Democratic party. Despite her numerous scandals and failures, they are still willing to consider her as a potential leader. This further solidifies the belief that the Democrats are more concerned with their own power and control than the well-being of the American people.

In contrast, President Trump continues to prove his strength and resilience as a leader. Despite constant attacks and opposition from the left, he has remained steadfast in his mission to Make America Great Again. At 74 years old, he has not shown any signs of physical or mental decline, and he continues to work tirelessly for the American people.

The suggestion of adding Hillary Clinton to the Democratic ticket reveals the party’s weakness, distrust in their own candidate, and self-serving nature.

They’re desperate—The shit really has hit the fan for them.

It’s a move that would only further discredit the Democrats and solidify President Trump’s position as the only capable and effective leader. Putting Clinton on the ballot will ensure the moderates come out and vote her butt out—Again!

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